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How to Tuesday: How to Make Great YouTube Shorts (Part 1)

  Publisher : Bernice   26 April 2022 00:00

YouTube Shorts are becoming a big hit in 2022, similar to instagram reels and TikToks, shorts are short-form (60 seconds or less), vertical video content created using a smartphone and uploaded directly to YouTube from the YouTube app. What sets YouTube Shorts has the ability to convert viewers into subscribers for your channel, a must-do for the international education industry. The shorts widget can be added to your channel and will make it easier for your audience to stay engaged with your videos, giving them the opportunity to hop from Shorts to YouTube videos and ultimately subscribe to your channel. 

How do you go about making YouTube Shorts?

From the YouTube app, tap the (+) icon and tap create a short; you can choose between 15 second clips and 60 seconds one by tapping on top of the record button. Once set you can tap the record button, make use of the special effects from the toolbar on the right. Once done, tap the checkmark and finalize it by adding text, music tracks and filters. Tap upload to publish your short.

Get to the point and keep it Dynamic

Make the first few seconds of your video as exciting as possible to grab the audience’s attention. Play around with different cuts and edits to keep your audience engaged instead of having continuous sequences that are more ideal for longer videos.

Consider Replays

Keep in mind that Shorts are played on a loop, so consider how your content will show when continually repeated.

Add value

Don’t just create shorts for the sake of posting them. On the contrary, give your shorts more value and align this content with a marketing goal. This gives you a better incentive to create the most engaging shorts out there. What will make a viewer come back for more? Think about how you can hook in your audience to view your Shorts repeatedly.

Get the vibe right

YouTube shorts is where your school should jump on viral trends, similar to reels and TikToks. It is where you give your audience short, snappy, and easily digestible content. You might also consider posting some behind the scene actions here, to give your audience a glimpse into the everyday life at your company.

Including YouTube Shorts as part of your social media campaign not only keeps your audiences entertained, pushes more viewers to your channel and finally helps in adding more subscribers. Look at it as one step further into your social media strategy that helps you reach your goals.



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