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Using the Schools & Agents Website Better - Member Articles

  Publisher : Bernice   25 April 2022 00:00

Content is King! We say that, our fellow marketers say that...everyone knows that! And in a digital world like the one that we live in, we need to make sure that we come up with frequent and relevant content for our target audience. Many schools are very good at creating content which is targeted at B2C, or in other words, directly at parents and students. However, they sometimes struggle a little bit when they need to create content which is targeted at a B2B audience, otherwise referred to as agents. The Schools & Agents platform is the ideal place for schools to do this, and in today's article we are going to turn the spotlight onto our Member articles and we will highlight the four main reasons as to why these are ideal for those schools who are trying to reach new agents.

You can send us articles on a weekly or monthly basis

As a school, you can choose different membership options, depending on your budget, and these options will entitle you to send us member articles on a weekly or monthly basis. Basically the more content you send us, the more frequently we will feature you, the more often your name will show up on our site and social media, and the higher the possibility to capture the attention of those agents you are trying to target.

Article Topics

Article topics may vary depending on what is going on at your school, however, it is always important to remember that your target audience on our platform is made up of agents, therefore, you need to be writing about topics that are interesting to them.

Only Premium and Platinum Members can send us articles

In our first point above we mentioned that, as a school, you can send us a different number of articles throughout a particular month depending on your mebership option. It is important to point out that out of our three different membership options, only two of them entitle you to send us articles. So we'd suggest getting in touch with us to check whether you can already send us articles, and if so how many per month. If your membership does not entitle you to send us article....don't worry! We can definitely change that so that you can start benefitting from this option too.

Articles help you to rank higher on Search Engines

One of the main areas in which these articles will help you is certainly SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. What is SEO? In very simple terms, SEO is that process by which your website ranks higher on different search engines. Obviously, the process is a very complex one, however, content is one of the ways in which you can start to see a big difference in your ranking fast. The articles that you send to us may include key words and back links, which are two very important aspects that will boost your SEO. On top of that, when we share your articles on our social media channels, we will also tag your school. That way, those agents who have a more solid presence on social media and prefer to follow the content that we share on there, will have the possibility to go straight from our platform to yours and establish contact with through their preferred channel.

We believe (and we believe this because it works!) that the more content you share, and the more this content is available on different channels, the more successful your content marketing strategy will be. And this is because these articles will result in solid leads, solid contacts, solid business....and most importantly, real students at your schools!

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