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Intrinsiq Support - Group Bookings

  Publisher : Bernice   27 April 2022 00:00

Members of Staff within the Admin and Booking departments at schools always tell us that one of their biggest challenges in their job is the fact that it takes them a lot of time to input group bookings. On the other hand, whenever we talk about Intrinsiq, we always focus on the fact that the software is easy to manage and that many things can be done at just the click of a button. Thankfully, Intrinsiq can help here too. In fact, when it comes to data inputting, Intrinsiq is, once again, the go-to school management software for efficiency and ease-of-use. 

Data entry can even be done by agents for you!

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Agents still have to send the group information to you so that you then input that information yourself into your own system. So why not save time, and get the agent to input the data directly into the system by providing them with a link? With Intrinsiq, this is possible. In fact, a link can be sent to an agent, who then fills in the student and leader details, which will in turn, automatically update within the system. All you need to do is check that everything is fine, and voila…your group booking is done!

Data for Group Bookings can also be entered at one go

When entering groups the system allows you to create a particular group and adjust the number of students and the number of leaders accordingly. Once that bit is done and saved, the system automatically creates individual records for each student and leader. That way, rather than entering the bookings individually, you enter them once, and click a button to repeat the process for all the entries.

Intrinsiq is all about efficiency and flexibility

At Intrinsiq we are set on making your lives easier by providing you with a school management system that is built according to your needs and requirements. The main advantage of Intrinsiq is that it is a system that is built by people in international education for people in international education. We know the industry. We know your needs. And we fulfil them every time.

So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line today!

For any matters related to School Management Software Systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on [email protected] to set up an appointment. 

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