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Memberships & Advertising for Schools & Agents
Marketing options and Membership Packages for Schools Agents and Service Providers within the Education Travel Industry

Schools & Agents has been established since 2008, and we consider ourselves to be an extension to your Marketing Team. Our role is to place content about your Education Institution in front of our 600+ education agents who are spread across 82 countries internationally. We do this through our solid presence across various channels namely our website, newsletter and social media.

Who are our Member Agents?

Our agents are individuals and companies of different sizes and with different areas of specialisation who come from 82 countries around the world. These are people we meet at international events we attend and people who express an interest in becoming our members. 

We check all our agents and we also communicate with them all the time through social media, conferences that we attend, and even through other online channels, so they tell us what they are interested in and which markets they want to expand to.

How do we connect Schools with Agents?

We do this mainly through content - content that Education Institutions send to us in the form of a member article and which we publish on our site, social media channels and newsletter, reaching over 115,000 industry players per month.  Through this content we include links to your school in the article on our website and newsletter, and also  tags to your school’s accounts on our social media channels. That way, agents can come straight to your site or social media account from ours.

Benefits of Schools & Agents

The most valuable way in which education providers can use our platform is to publish content, and this is where our membership options come in. As a school you can send us articles to publish, which is something that can help you in two ways:

a)     It boosts your SEO and your ranking, especially if you have specific keywords that you choose to include in your articles. Your SEO and ranking are also boosted thanks to links that we add to the articles which will take viewers from our site, directly to yours.

b)     These articles reach over 100,000 users on our website alone, and an additional 15,000 users through our social media channels, not to mention a further 3,000+ newsletter subscribers. We are very proud of these statistics, especially since the articles that we publish for our clients get a lot of visibility within a high-end network of agents, and our newsletter has a very high opening rate.

Membership Options for Schools