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The Intrinsiq Process: Build

  Publisher : Bernice   20 April 2022 00:00

The ‘Contract’ part of the process discussed last month is the confirmation of what the client and Intrinsiq have agreed on. Once that is signed and confirmed, we move on to the next stage of the process; probably the most obvious stage which is the actual building of the (part of the) system that the client wants.

A Senior Developer will be assigned to you

This part is relatively simple, a senior developer will be assigned to build the system the client signed a contract for. At this stage it is important to point out that each contract will have a senior developer assigned to it. That means that someone will be responsible for your project from start to finish - hence making the process a much more efficient one.

The School will not have anything to do at this stage

This stage involves a lot of heavy work from Intrinsiq, which means that the school will not have anything to do here. However, at the end of each module, as specified in the Work Statement process discussed last month, Intrinsiq will check back with the school to confirm that everything is going as planned and on schedule.

The Building Stage is split into smaller steps

The way we work is that this stage is split into smaller parts, which means that we will be going back and forth from step 4  to step 5 (the ‘testing’ stage which will be discussed next month) as we finish each module and update. The client has little involvement at this stage as the developer and team work on the system, and update each other on the best way forward.

The Lead Developer keeps the client updated every step of the way

As each module ends, the lead developer will reach out to the client to present the said module to them, and to inform them about the next stage in our process. This will keep the client up to date, and at the same time it also means that different parts of the project can be launched each time a module is completed.  

For any further information of if you would like to set up a call with us, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

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