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The Intrinsiq Process: The Contract

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 12:00 AM

The Intrinsiq Process: The Contract

The specification part of the process discussed last month is the more complex step in the process. Once this hurdle is overcome, and once both the client and Intrinsiq are clear on how they will be proceeding, the next step is to sign the contract. This step is fairly simple, once the specification document is signed by the client we move on to the next phase.

The Work Statement

This part of the process will highlight exactly what Intrinsiq will build for the client, a timeline of when each segment will be set up, and also any payment plans agreed upon between Intrinsiq and the client. Basically, the work statement will be a detailed overview of what this project will entail.

We provide delivery dates…and we stick to them!

When we are agreeing on the contract, we do not just agree on what we will do and how much that will cost. We will also agree on a timeline which is made up of different segments, and the payment plan will be based on that too.

The payment plan

This is yet another simple way of working with Intrinsiq. Each project is split up into different segments, and the client gets to pay for the individual segment rather than for the whole chunk of the project. That way, it is more manageable and flexible.

Why is segmentation a good idea in a project?

Segmentation allows the client and the service provider to stop back and review the work done at various points. This is beneficial to the client because instead of having to test out and learn a whole system at one go, they start familiarizing themselves with the system step by step. We will not proceed to the next part of the segment until the client is 100% happy with how the system works. We can go back and forth as many times as needs be in order to make sure that everything works according to the client’s needs and expectations.

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