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Using the S&A website better: How to use the New & Improved Directory Page (Part 2)

  Publisher : Bernice   14 March 2022 00:00

Last week we started talking to you about how to use the Schools & Agents Directory Page, which is one of the most visited pages of our website, to your maximum advantage and we shared with you four tips. This week, we are going to carry on with the same topic and we are going to share with you four new tips which can help you to make the most out of the Schools & Agents Directory Page, which is where you will find all of the schools' and agents' profiles.

Today's four tips will be based on:

1) The sorting style

2) How to choose the country and city

3) The Search function

4) The "All filters" option


The Sorting Style

The sorting style will give you the option to choose the alphabetical order of your search. You might want to start from the letter 'A' or you might prefer to start from the bottom with the letter 'Z'.

Choosing the Country and the City

In the filter options box (as explained in last week's article), you will find two more bars. One bar consists of a drop down menu of all the countries in the world. That means that if you are looking for agents from a specific country, you can choose the name of that country from the list provided. Furthermore, in the bar below that of the country, you have a box which is entitled "City". In this case, you have to manually enter the name of the city that you are looking for. This bar is particularly useful if, for example, you are looking for agents from, let's say, Spain, but in Spain you can only search for agents in Madrid and Valencia because in all the other cities you have agents with who you have signed an exclusivity agreement. In this case you can select the country "Spain" from the drop-down menu, then type in Madrid and click 'Enter' for a list of agents from Madrid. After that you select the country "Spain" from the drop-down menu once again, then type in Valencia and click 'Enter' for a list of agents from Valencia.

The Search Function

In the 'Search' bar you can also type in a word of phrase that you are looking for. For example, if you are an agent who works closely with Interntional House Schools, and you want to look for a list of all IH schools who are subscribed to Schools & Agents, you can go into the search bar and type in 'International House' and click 'Enter' for a list of all IH schools in our directory.

The All-Filters Option

The is the newest addition to our Directory Page. Here you have another drop-down menu but this time you have a list of all the courses and areas of specialisation of our member schools and agents. This means that if you are looking for an agent in Madrid, Spain who specialises in Summer Camps, you need to select all of these tools from the different bars in the filter options box discussed of the past two weeks and once you hit 'Enter', a list of Spanish agents based in Madrid who specialise in summer camps will come up.

We have designed our Directory Page in this manner so as to make searching for the right partners much easier for our member schools and agents. we'll be back with more tips next week.

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