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Website Monday: How can Service Providers Benefit from their Schools & Agents membership?

  Publisher : Bernice   04 July 2022 00:00

When we think of International Education we normally immediately think of schools and agents as being the main players in the industry, however, we cannot forget another vital part of the equation. I'm referring to those companies and organisations who provide a wide range of services to the industry's key players and who also have an important role to play on the Schools & Agents platform. So today, our Website Monday Article is going to focus specifically on this cohort and we're going to share with you some information on how service providers can benefit from their Schools & Agents membership.

1. Service Providers can send us content to publish

At Schools & Agents we believe that content is key. Service providers can send us content to publish about their products and services and this helps them in a number of different ways. Firstly, content (especially good quality content) that is published on a third-party website such as Schools & Agents, helps improve your website ranking and your SEO. Secondly, from our end, we make sure that this content reaches all your target audience within our network in multiple ways through our site, social media and newsletter.

2. They are published in an Exclusive Section of the website

Schools & Agents service providers membership options enable companies to improve their brand visibility within the industry and we do that in three main ways through our membership options. First of all, all service providers get a profile in an exclusive section of the Schools & Agents website which is entirely dedicated to them. Here, users can find all the information that they need about these service providers including a description of what they do, contact info and also links to the company's website and social media channels. 

3. Service Providers can increase their Brand Visibility

Depending on how much visibility they would like to have, service providers can also choose to opt for a logo space, or even a banner. Both of these options are visible on all the pages of the Schools & Agents website and they are clickable, which means that users can go straight from our website to theirs.

4. Our Banner options guarantee exclusivity

Some service providers opt for our most exclusive membership option, which is our banners. We do not have a lot of available banners, which is itself is already very exclusive. However, the most important thing to highlight about this option is that when service providers go for a banner, they are guaranteed an exclusive agreement, which means that we will not give another banner space to any of their competitors for as long as they continue to have a banner with us.

5. Bonus: Service Providers' Content is sent out in a separate newsletter to our users and followers

When it comes to our newsletter, we like to point out that news from our partners and service providers is shared in a separate newsletter, which means that service provider news won't get mixed up with news from our member schools. That way, when our audience and followers receive our newsletter, they know what to expect.



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