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Feature Friday: International Education Industry events

  Publisher : Bernice   01 July 2022 00:00

Today's spotlight during our Feature Friday is going to turn towards International Education Industry events. Things are finally starting to get back to normal and our industry is finally returning to face-to-face events.

Have you started planning your events for the rest of this year? Will you be at any specific industry events?

Well, if you're still thinking about it, we suggest jumping over to the Industry Events section of our website, where we list all the workshops and conferences that will be taking place throughout the rest of the year in various destinations. Some organisation are still offering a virtual or hybrid option for those who wish to take part in their events, but still do not feel comfortable travelling. That kind of information is also listed in our events list, so you're welcome to take a look, browse, and go straight to the events website from the Schools & Agents one.

And while you're at it, we'd love to hear from you! Let us know which events you'll be taking part in this year :)

We are proud to be working with these industry organisations:

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