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Intrinsiq Interview: Our upcoming trip to Ireland

  Publisher : Bernice   06 April 2022 00:00

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jonas from Intrinsiq about our upcoming trip to Ireland. This trip will be held between Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th April 2022, and the aim of this trip for Intrinsiq is to speak to schools about the importance of 'Automation' and how this saves schools a lot of time on a day to day basis - time that they can otherwise spend focusing on building relationships with all the stakeholders involved, such as students, parents, agents, host families, and so forth.

Check out this video from yesterday's interview:

During our interview we also spoke about the fact that Mark Milfor, Intrinsiq's CEO will be in Europe for the next few days and he will be visiting partners in the UK, Malta, Germany and obviously Ireland. If you are based in Europe and would like to chance to have a face to face chat with Mark, do not hesitate to drop Intrinsiq a line on [email protected] to set up an appointment.

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