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How to Tuesday: How to Provide Great Customer Service

  Publisher : Bernice   05 April 2022 00:00

Customer care is a very important aspect of your business, if a problem arises, your customers want to get it resolved and feel heard in the process. While dealing with your customers in an empathic way is a good start, providing them with various platforms where they can approach you is essential. Some urgent issues might be time sensitive and require a call or chat, while other issues may be dealt with at a more casual pace. Providing your customer with various channels helps them approach you via a medium that is comfortable to them; here is a list of channels you can use to provide the best customer service ever.


One of the most fundamental forms of customer service; customers are able to describe their issues in full, each conversation is recorded and provides a useful thread and avoids having the customer repeat their issue with other reps. Ideal for non urgent issues.


Phones are the best mediums when issues or problems need to be dealt with immediately. The customer can get in touch directly, creating a human interaction - with soft speaking skills and measure of empathy, issues can be dealt with successfully, while placating the customer before it escalates as it would on other mediums.


Chatting is more flexible - it gives your customers the option of describing their issues in full, but unlike emails, since it's a live chat, urgent issues can be dealt with here as well with immediate response from your reps.

Social Media

This channel  is relatively new compared to other forms of contact, however it is on the rise with the massive amount of people on social media nowadays. Apart from reassuring customers, as each issue may be mentioned publicly ensuring a fast response from your reps, it is also ideal for mass communication when crises arise.

In person

If you have a physical location this form of customer service is essential, having highly trained personnel, who are determined to go above-and-beyond customer service is great for business. 

Call Back Service

Whatever the issue your customer is dealing with, offering this service allows them to avoid those dread call wait times. Instead of them having to wait on hold, one of your reps can reach out to them as soon as one is available

Customer Self-Service

This teaches your customer how to solve problems independently. They can access your resources to help troubleshoot issues on their own.; not only getting them a faster solution but it gives them a sense of the issue as being some obstacle they can handle on their own. This method also relieves some pressure from your representatives as well, the more customers use your knowledge base the less call on your team.

Interactive Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are a step up from the usual chat bots, AI technology provides interactive features that show you’re investing in more than just product development; giving your customers the sense that you want to support them and make their lives easier.

Integrated Customer Service

This refers to all the small actions your brand does to make sure that your customer experience is as smooth as possible, this involves reaching out to your customers whenever a new update is coming, regular newsletters informing them of what the company is doing, and pinging managers whenever someone submits negative feedbacks, so amends are made. Automated customer service tools like ticketing systems, help desks, and workflows help your team keep pace with increasing customer demand. This technology lets you maintain that same level of personalized customer service even as more people reach out to your business for support.

As hinted at in our intro, there is no "best’’ type of customer service, in fact most mediums compliment one another when used together. The more channels used as your customer service option, the more options your customers have in approaching you, creating an omni-channel experience that will keep them coming for more.

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