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How To Tuesday: How to Sell Well on Social Media Part 2

  Publisher : Lynne   23 May 2023 14:00

Following last week's post, we're now moving on to part two. This week we'll be taking you a step further with some more tips on how to turn your audiences into customers and inquiries into sales.

Here's what you should focus your energy on:

Tip 1: Find out which Platforms Suit Your Needs Best.

It's definitely good to have a social media presence on different social media platforms. But, focusing all your energy on all, can be difficult. Instead, find out which platform works best for your goals, and focus your campaign on that. Is your aim to get more senior students in your school? Then your best bet is to aim your marketing efforts on Facebook. But if you’re a school that aims classes at teens and young adults, the best option for you is Tik Tok.

Tip 2: Partner Up

Don't be afraid to partner up with social media influencers and industry leaders. They can be exactly what you need to boost your marketing efforts. Make sure you find ones that are in the international education industry to keep it relevant.

Tip 3: Find out the Best Times to Post

We’ve focused on quality content and the right audience, but social media platforms can take you a step further. Through social media metrics, you get a lot of data to make sure that your posts are as engaging as possible. You can also experiment with different times to see if there are any different outcomes.

Tip 4: Go Live

People love live streams! They tap into their curiosity and make them feel like they're missing out if they don't follow. , thus boosting your organic reach. Live streaming also gives a more realistic view of what you and your company represent. This results in more trust in your company.

And there you have it... Social media is a necessity in today's business world, that much we know. So, might as well use it to its full potential and make sure you're as visible to your audience as possible. We don't want your efforts to go to waste!

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