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Feature Friday: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano

  Publisher : Lynne   26 May 2023 14:00

Today’s Feature Friday post focuses on Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano:

Can you give us 3 adjectives that describe your school? 

Dynamic / welcoming / authentic 

Where do your students come from?

It would be easier to list the countries that our students don’t come from :) We host more than 90 nationalities such as: USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, France….

Which is your most popular course and what do your students like most about your school?

Mainly the students choose to attend our Intensive Italian language course or one of our university preparation programs such as IMAT. They very much appreciate the availability and professionalism of our staff, the high quality of our programs and the comfort of our facilities.   

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