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EAQUALS Webinar Tomorrow - Digital education, solved: Delivering your own, flexible digital programmes

  Publisher : Bernice   08 May 2023 12:28

EAQUALS are proud to announce their upcoming webinar tomorrow. The focus will be on 'Digital education, solved: Delivering your own, flexible digital programmes'.

Perhaps above all else, digital solutions promise flexibility. For the learner, they offer the flexibility to learn at home or in the classroom, at a time that suits, on the device that is most convenient, with a personalised focus on topics of greatest challenge or interest. And for the teacher and the institution, digital solutions offer the prospect of a classrooms and a school that can stray beyond physical boundaries, the opportunity to deliver truly individualised, even adaptive programmes, and the capacity to create and deliver truly distinctive courses honed for particular learners, clients, or a specialist sector.

So with digital, the shackles are off. But with that flexibility comes the danger of throwing out the good with the bad, or even losing control. So how do we make the most of this newfound flexibility? How do we compete with new digital offerings and improve upon them while staying true to our core business of delivering quality, engaging and impactful language training. Using practical examples, Ian will explore how to create and deliver distinctive digital programmes that make best use of technology, from digital authoring to video conferencing, from skills tracking to adaptive learning.


Ian Johnstone has worked in digital ELT for more than 20 years, predominantly as a digital publisher, creating products like Macmillan English Campus, and Ian now works with Avallain, the leading technology supplier to ELT publishers and the creators of Avallain Magnet, the brand new authoring and learning management solution for language schools and institutions.

Those who are interested in attending can register here.

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