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PRODIREKT Managing Director Dejan Trpkovic on the importance of raising compassionate kids

Published Bernice on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 6:47 AM

PRODIREKT Managing Director Dejan Trpkovic on the importance of raising compassionate kids

In light of what is happening around us in the world, especially in relation to increased shooting incidents in schools worldwide, PRODIREKT Managing Director Dejan Trpkovic felt the need to write about the importance of raising compassionate kids and how this is more important now than ever before.

In his LinkedIn article he spoke of what strategies parents can employ to encourage their children to become caring and responsible individuals in a world where violence is prevalent. Dejan Trpkovic wrote: "discussions on how to raise kind and compassionate children are even more important as we continue to witness a rise in the number of shooting incidents in schools around the world, the most recent of which occurred in the elementary school in Belgrade, Serbia. Such tragic occurrences emphasize the crucial need to encourage kindness and empathy among children."

He added that "we frequently ponder how to raise gentle, empathetic kids who care about others in a violent environment. Even while we have no control over everything that happens on the outside, we can do things to help our children learn empathy and responsibility."

"One such ways of doing this is by speaking up whenever we see harsh or thoughtless behavior, and let people know why it is wrong. Children can better grasp the effects of their behavior on others by hearing us express our feelings and giving justifications," he stated adding that "our actions have a big impact on how our kids develop their morals, therefore let's set a good example by acting nice and compassionately all the time. We may provide our children more positive role models by surrounding them with other kind people."

"Parents are concerned about peer pressure and other harmful influences that children may encounter outside the family. We should introduce literature and media that inspire compassion to our children, encourage them to watch programs that emphasize kindness and helpfulness, and have conversations with them about the media they consume in order to counterbalance these tendencies."

"Children can learn empathy and compassion for others on the foundation of a safe and supportive home environment. Youngsters are more inclined to pay attention to and care for others when they feel safe and loved at home. We can help create a society that cares and is kind by teaching youngsters empathy and compassion," he concluded.

This very interesting article was shared on the Communication and Languages Group on LinkedIn, which we invite you all to join so that we can continue sharing ideas and thoughts to help make the world a better place through our industry.

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