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Marketing Monday: International Education Marketing Trends of 2023

  Publisher : Lynne   22 May 2023 14:00

In today’s article, we are going to discuss three essential points to help you stay ahead of the game in the international education industry market in 2023. Three trends a school should focus on in order to be the number one choice for today’s, and tomorrow’s, students:


More and more students are now looking to Language or Education Travel as a means to an end. It is no longer looked at as just a fun way to learn a language or new skills. Now more than ever students are flocking to learn more in order to advance in either education or their workplace. 

Do your courses meet the demands of these students? Are you giving them a competitive advantage over their peers? Highlighting what skillsets your courses offer to potential students, or perhaps suggesting exam courses for those who are looking to further their education, might be the extra push to have them sign up.


This is a fundamental aspect of today's market. Consumers have loads of data at their fingertips and they know all the options out there, so their demand for a more personalised approach has risen. No one customer is the same, some might be willing to drop everything and do a full immersion course, others might be more interested in having online lessons over a long period of time, while others might have limited time and would go for a one-on-one intensive course. The key is to find out what your current and potential students need and then make sure you meet those needs, where applicable. Feedback forms and surveys are two very common methods that can help you get these answers.


As we always say: markets are ever-changing... needs and wants fluctuate over time. It is important for a school to not just focus on the current student intake but also think of those coming in the future. You might think this will make you rigid because you’ll be stuck with a plan, but no! This is just preparation. Ultimately, being flexible in the way you meet the student’s needs and providing new ways for them to learn helps you keep ahead of emerging trends and keeps a school ahead of these changing markets.


So, remember that what human beings (not just students) need from businesses is:

- Easy access to information,

- Information that is tailor-made for their needs, and

- Options that are not rigid.

Think of yourself as a client and you’ll see that it all boils down to this!

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