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Zoni Language Centers: breaking down barriers to language learning with technology

Published Korinne Algie on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Zoni Language Centers Virtual Presence classes

Zoni Language Centers has since 1991 welcomed students to their schools. Over the years the school has grown and now has multiple campuses in New York, New Jersey and Miami Beach, Florida. Hundreds of thousands of  students have walked through their doors, but what struck Zoni was that there are thousands of students who are eager and motivated to learn English but do not have the means to physically join them. It was this combined with a passion for technology that got the founder and CEO, Zolio Nieto thinking about what he could do to make quality English language courses accessible to everyone. 

Having launched in 2019, the Zoni Institute offers “Virtual Presence” courses allowing students to study English from anywhere in the world. What makes Virtual Presence different to other online courses is that students are present and part of an actual Zoni class.  In other words, students join a Zoni class being taught live and in real-time from one of Zoni’s campuses in the New York Metropolitan area. 

One of the most exciting things about Zoni’s Virtual Presence classes is that students are not sitting at home alone, they have classmates, a teacher and a real class experience. Virtual students are expected to participate in lessons in the same way as their in-person classmates.

Another feature of Zoni’s Virtual Presence programme is that students who have completed their in-person study at a Zoni Campus, can continue their course virtually via Zoni Institute. Students can continue to be part of their same class, the only difference being they will join the class from their home country. Our English courses literally have no boundaries! 

Through Zoni’s Virtual Presence classes students benefit from experienced, college-educated, teachers with specialist qualifications in teaching English. On top of this, they follow Zoni’s own highly successful, specialist curriculum – opportunities and quality of tuition that might otherwise be out of their reach. 

Students attending virtually say one of their favorite parts of the course is getting to know other students from different countries. Students are able to meet people from countries they have never heard of or dreamed of visiting! Virtual students make real friends and become an important part of the Zoni community. Not only is this motivating for the students, it teaches them about other cultures and the world around them. 

Students can access classes via any kind of device, phone or computer, meaning that learning English has never been easier! “In the past years a lot of walls have been put up to separate people, and to make our world smaller. Our Virtual Presence classes break down those barriers and climb those walls” said Zolio Nieto, founder of Zoni Language Centers and Zoni Institute. 

For more information about the Virtual Presence program, Zoni Institute or about how agents can benefit from referring students to the Virtual Presence course, contact Zoni at

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