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Tomatina 2019 – Don't miss the best event of the summer in Valencia!

Published on Friday, June 14, 2019

Tomatina Festival in Valencia

The Tomatina festival will take place on Wednesday, Aug 28 2019, at 11am.

This battle of tomatoes, known all over the world, has been taking place since 1945. It started as an accident, someone fell over a vegetable stand during a parade and, full of rage, started throwing everything he had at hand. The following year, the originators of the battle started it again on purpose and they brought the tomatoes from home. Since then, Buñol has been celebrating this tradition every year, except during the 50s, when it was forbidden. However, the neighbors celebrated in 1957 the “burial of the tomatoe” and it was finally allowed again.

It was declared Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional (Festival of International Tourist Interest) in 2002.

Since 2013, Buñol's city council charges a 10 € entrance fee to allow access to “La Tomatina“ facility, for security and capacity reasons, and for the greater good of the party. People without this entrance fee will not be permitted to enter.

The Spanish language school Costa de Valencia has reserved entrance tickets for their students to be able to participate at the battle of tomatoes, as we have been during these past 22 years. As always, we are going with our students by private bus and we are going to have a party-breakfast before the event.

Here you can watch the school You Tube video.

So, sign up soon! send an e-mail to and let's go to the Tomatina!


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