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The Rise of the "New" New York Military Academy

Published on Thursday, June 1, 2017

NYMA has a strong reputation for training world leaders, leaders in business, the arts, and the military.  This training occurred primarily through a unique system of student apprenticeships and systems of classroom learning that provided intense authentic experiences and constant feedback.


128 years after first opening, the New York Military Academy was bought out of bankruptcy by the Research Center a new non-profit chaired by Real Estate Millionaire Vincent Mo and powered by an array of financial, environmental and educational experts.  Jie Zhang took over as superintendent in July, 2016 and in August 2016 she hired Jonathan Gastel to craft a new form of military boarding school.


The new NYMA leadership wanted to strengthen the power of the military school pathway by realigning our academic expectations with the entrance qualifications to elite colleges and universities.  This will no doubt be a long upward fight, but we have made small steps with our first graduating classes for 2017 and 2018; with significant increases in national exam scores.


Meanwhile, this year, the campus has improved in more tangible ways.  We have just rehabilitated our giant gymnasium that was originally built to be the summer home to the New York Knicks - a professional basketball team- and now serves as a great asset for our entire community.  We are rebuilding our sports teams for students interested in athletics - particularly basketball and swimming and we are also advancing our class offerings on a monthly basis; computer science and robotics, AP Calculus BC are both recent additions.  Our available living spaces are being updated, with one newly renovated dorm to be opened in the Fall.  This will allow us to accommodate our rapidly expanding student population with simple and clean but not fancy living spaces.   Our new vision for a military campus are in keeping with our strong history of producing tough leaders, with the persistence to climb, and the self-discipline to create.


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