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Technology Students gain first-hand Website user testing experience

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, December 10, 2018

This week students studying the ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology at New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology gained first-hand experience in a real web design user testing project.  

Working with guest Web and UX designer Scott Heappey, the students participated in a three-stage user testing session.  

User testing is an important part of the web design process. It allows web developers to validate design decisions and to prioritize website functions and the navigation elements of a website.  

When students study the ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology they complete the following units. As web design is a major focus of the qualification, the testing activities form a key part of their learning. 

- ICTICT509 - Gather data to identify business requirements 

- ICTICT511 - Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise 

- BSBCRT501 - Originate and develop concepts  

The first stage of testing focused on identifying user needs to validate personas.  Personas are a great way to help a web designer remain focused on who they are making a website for. They describe archetypal users; who they are, what information they are looking for, pain points, key goals and attitudes.   

The second stage involved using the information provided to validate design concepts. Scott took the students individually through three design concepts to identify answers to key questions: 

What do you see? 

What would you do next? 


These are all important questions to understanding user behaviors and validating hypothesis developed by business stakeholders and analytics data. 

In stage 3, information from a testing session is presented to the client with real examples and recommendations on how a proposed web design should proceed.  

The skills gained through this experience will help students better understand the research phases behind a website build and how important research is when presenting recommendations to business stakeholders. 

If you have students wanting to study information technology, they’ll learn these critical skills and more. To find out more about New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology and to request a copy of their course outlines please contact Eli Da Silva at  

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