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TEFL Courses for Teachers at ELA Malta

Published Bernice on Monday, May 28, 2018

ELA Malta in Sliema is one of a handful of English Language Schools on the island that organises TEFL Cert courses for those who are interested in becoming qualified English Language Teachers. In fact, we have been doing so for the past 25 years!

As many of you may know, this is a blooming industry in Malta, and for this reason, teachers are always on demand. ELA runs three TEFL courses per year – a part-time one, which is held between March and May, and two full-time ones, which are held over a period of 4 weeks in July and August. In our 25 year experience in the field we have trained teachers from all over the world, ranging from far-flung countries such as Russia to Spain, Poland, Turkey, France…and obviously Malta! These courses are open to all primary and secondary school teachers of English as a second language in countries where English is considered a foreign language.

The course is 60 hours long and is held in groups of not more than 16 participants. Training is conducted by fully qualified and experienced Level 7 trainers, including the 2016/2017 winner of the ‘Inspiring ELT Professional Award’, Ian Scerri.

The main aim of our TEFL Cert course is to equip new teachers with the necessary tools for teaching English to foreigners, and for this reason there is a lot of hands-on teaching practice carried out during this course. Our trainees are given the opportunity to train with real students, who are given the option to attend these lessons for free. This makes it a win-win situation for both our students who are getting additional English lessons for free, and also for our trainee teachers who can practice their newly-acquired teaching skills in a real classroom environment with actual students who ask the real questions that these new teachers will eventually have to face when they are in class teaching on their own.

Apart from the regular lecture/workshop style that is normally associated with TEFL Cert courses, we also have teacher observations and an online component. We pride ourselves in giving trainees personal attention, so much so that each course participant has 2 one-to-one tutorials with the trainers over and above the normal requested hours.

This competitively priced package ensures that we are constantly producing high level teachers to continue giving a sterling service to those students who come to visit us at ELA Malta throughout the year.

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