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Social Media Trends for Schools

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, January 11, 2019

In general, most schools tend to have a presence on 4 social media platforms, however, the issue seems to be that the majority of these schools find being on multiple platforms quite overwhelming especially since it is hardly effective to cross post from one platform to another. What works on Facebook, does not necessarily work on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter (among others).

Another challenge that social media presents is that it is never static. It changes, and it changes frequently and without warning. New trends crop up and if a school, or any other business for that matter, does not keep up, it tends to be sidelined.

So what trends should schools be aware of in order to stay on top of their game?

Short content - stories

The idea of short content that is a mere few seconds long and that lasts for just a few hours came about with the introduction of snapchat and further developed into Facebook and Instagram stories more recently. The idea that if content is not available for ever, customers are lost is a misconception, and in truth, the fact that some content may be short-lived actually helps to engage your followers more.

Having said that, it is important that as a school, you come up with a good social media marketing strategy and that you do not merely post randomly on your timeline.

What should content consist of?

The first very important point to stress is the fact that any type of content that you post should be real and relatable. Forget stock photos! They simply scream “I have nothing better to show you so I am resorting to posed internet images”.

Instead, post photos and videos of real students, of your team members, of your teachers; post behind-the-scenes photos. The latter makes users feel like they are getting a privileged sneak peek into your school and offices.

If you are posting videos, make sure that the quality is decent enough. No one will bother watching low-quality videos, especially students who spend the majority of their time on their smartphones. Video is always on the rise. According to Cisco, 86% of all web traffic will be claimed by video by 2019. So the message is clear - USE video.

And finally, keep in mind that the main aim of social media is visual. So do not shy away from using images in whatever way you can - photos, vides, infographics...etc. Get in touch if you want some tips on how to create your own photos and infographics.

Social Media Advertising

Some schools are still very much into the idea of boosted posts and content. Again, this is not a bad idea at all, however, it will become a bad idea if the ad is not organised well. When using targeted social media marketing it is important to keep in mind to:

- Define your goal clearly

- Target a small audience - remember that less is more

- Use good-quality and engaging visual content

- Add a short description of what you are promoting (the key word is short)

- Add a call-to-action

- Link it to a page of your website

User-generated content

Another trend that we saw increase in 2018 is the idea of user-generated content, such as, getting your students to use a specific hashtag when posting on social media. This translates into consumer language as “If Student X, who is in my social media network, likes School Y so much that he/she is posting about it, then perhaps I should try it too”. In today’s world, this type of marketing is much more effective than any promoted ad. It is the 21st century version of word-of-mouth, and it still is the most valuable type of promotion.

We are at the start of a new year and now is as perfect a time as any to get focused on your social media strategy for this upcoming year. So why not drop us a line today to find out how we can help you do it?

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