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Schools & Agents visits French in Normandy in Rouen

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Schools & Agents at French in Normandy

I had the pleasure of being invited to Rouen and French in Normandy from 7th to 14th June. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay longer due to other work commitments.  The purpose of this visit was to experience the city as well as the school and the host family, as any other student would. This article as well as the pictures and posts during the week (please visit our social media to see all of them 😊) aim to help agents understand better what a student should expect from this beautiful corner in France. So, here we go:

Day 1:

On 7th June at 20:30 I walked into the Arrivals area in Paris Beauvais Airport and the taxi driver was there waiting. Very polite and helpful and one of the most cautious taxi drivers I have ever come across. The drive was also unexpectedly beautiful, even though at first, I hated the idea of having another hour and 20 minutes to get to a shower and a bed! I had forgotten that further up North it gets dark much later than back home. So, for a whole hour and 20 minutes we drove through constant green areas, beautiful views and picturesque towns and houses.

On arrival, the driver showed me where the school is and then took me right around the corner to my host family. Even though it was quite late, both Mme. Nicole and M. Pierre Moyon, greeted me with smiles and a warm welcome to their house. Despite my French level being quite low, they managed to get their message through and explain everything in simple French. I appreciated this a lot because I knew that if someone gave in to speaking to me in English, from day 1, I would get lazy and not practise the language. The room was lovely, 2 big windows, very comfortable size and the whole atmosphere immediately made me feel at home. So, I took my shower, jumped into bed and had an uninterrupted night’s sleep!

Day 2:

I took the day to get my bearings round the area…walked a lot but didn’t get to the city centre as I was still a bit concerned about taking the bus and speaking to random people in French. I loved walking around as the area is very easy to get used to and I managed to find the 2 things I wanted to find…a supermarket, just 5 minutes away from the host family, and a shopping complex, just 20 minutes away on foot (yes, I love food and shopping!). I wanted to find a supermarket, definitely not because the host family wasn’t feeding me. They fed me very well and I loved the fact that every day I ate home-cooked food. I tend to enjoy having snacks with me, wherever I go, just in case famine strikes at some point during the day. I also enjoy supermarket shopping, probably more than clothes shopping! So happy girl in Rouen after having found both, so nearby!

Apart from all of this, during the day, the other student staying at the host family and myself, had the opportunity to meet more family members and friends, and in the evening we all watched a French TV programme, together…true home-like feeling which I loved!

Day 3:

During this week Rouen, hosted the Armada which brought lots of people with it. The host family, very kindly suggested going on Sunday, early in the morning before the large crowds of people start queueing. So, off we went on Sunday at 6:45am and we managed to see the ships properly and take great pictures! We spent the whole morning walking around and then relaxed and got ready for school.

Day 4 to Day 7:

School day number 1 started off with a speaking test which was done informally in a group. It was a very nice way to test people’s levels and it generated no tension amongst new students. After this was done, we got a tour of the school and after that we were able to check which classes, we’ll be in.

Lessons always started on time and the teachers were consistently helpful. They encouraged all of us to speak and participate, without putting anyone on the spot. A lot of the students at French in Normandy are long stay students who either want to join the INBP or do the DELF/DALF exam. I met a Korean student who managed to get into the INBP while I was there and she was extremely happy. I also had the opportunity to speak to quite a few students who were sitting for the DELF/DALF exam and they were very satisfied with the way French in Normandy prepared them. The training is very personalised and they are individually told exactly what to work on, what to stop doing and how to improve, based on the level they have. One thing I also noticed, is that even in the morning classes, the teachers were aware of who wanted to sit for this exam and they pointed out certain tips throughout the day. I also found out that DELF/DALF students in the summer months make up one third of French in Normandy clients and the results they’ve had this year are 98% successful so far and 97.5% last year, including C1/C2 levels which are welcomed guaranteed every Monday!


This experience in Rouen and French in Normandy was a really positive one. Even though I was there for just one week, I really feel that I learned and that being immersed in an environment where French is constantly used, helped me understand more and gain the confidence to speak. Apart from that, everyone at the school and in the host family, made me feel welcome, and the family atmosphere stood out all the way through. The food was great, sites picturesque and the city, hospitable…loved it!

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