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SEAL Malta 2018 Programmes and Packages

Published on Thursday, January 18, 2018

At SEAL we don’t just offer courses; we offer you an experience.


Easter Junior Programme


Our Junior Programme is aimed at students between the ages of 12 and 17. We cater for juniors at all linguistic levels, offering highly interactive lessons. Apart from focusing on improving the students’ overall proficiency in English, our experienced teachers also help younger learners to become more confident when applying English for their practical usage.


The SEAL Juniors Team also provides a colourful programme of activities, which allows the young learners to enjoy this beautiful spring period outside the classroom. Ranging from hikes and long walks to trekking, treasure and egg hunts, quizzes and cooking sessions, our junior programme offers each and every student an experience to remember.


Easter Adult Programme


Our adult programme caters for all students of 18 years and over, offering both private and group tuitions, depending on the student’s academic needs and preferences. SEAL provides courses for all linguistic levels, starting from beginners up to advanced classes, all delivered by professional teachers whose aim is to provide the students with a unique learning experience. All students are provided with the necessary material to be used in class, including course books and other interactive material to help in delivering the lessons.


Our target is to make English-learning a one-stop-shop, hence lessons are made as interactive as possible among the students themselves, tackling all learning skills.


Specialised Adult Programmes


Following the increased demands we have been having for specialised programmes for adults, SEAL is now offering additional courses for several professionals. Liaising with various corporate teams, our specialists offer courses to lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, construction workers, accountants and insurance employees and also to cabin crew members. Since we are fully aware of the tight schedule of such individuals, we are also offering these courses in a distant manner (online) at times that accommodate our clients’ working routines.


What could only make this experience better is truly a good offer, and the SEAL Team has taught of that as well! – Confirm your booking by the end of January 2018 and you will benefit from a 15% discount on accommodation.


Further information about the various Courses and Packages offered by SEAL, including price lists, tuition details and full activity programmes, can be obtained from our website or by sending us an email on You can speak with members of our team at any time on Skype SEAL Malta.

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