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OXBRIDGE UNIVERSITY OF KILMURRY Delivers an Accredited Certified Training Course

Published on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oxbridge Unversity of Kilmurry© (OUK) Delivers An Accredited-Certified Training Course in: Tourism, Cruising & Hotel Management (TCHM) and Business Transformation




OUK is highly distinguished from other universities and training colleges in Tourism, Travel, Cruising & Hotel Management (TCHM). This exceptional course is usually taken online by e-learning. This is also our core course, which may be taken, leading to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree candidates.

Unlike other similar courses we deal with the issue of Value for Money and Performance to Cost Ratio (PCR) – focusing on quality and productivity aspects of TCHM.


Overview & Objectives


This exciting, dynamic, provocative, and highly interesting training course covers topics such as:-


- Defining and aligning TCHM business and process transformation roles and responsibilities across functions and departments

- Integrating disparate TCHM systems in a manner, maximized by automation, productivity and efficiency

- Developing TCHM business transformation processes that deliver improved and consistent performance but also support exception handling

- Defining TCHM metrics that can efficiently measure performance before, during and after transformation

- Conducting TCHM root cause analyses prior to redesigning business transformation

- Redesigning, optimizing or re-engineering critical business processes of TCHM

- Developing IT strategy to support business process change of TCHM

- Managing business and culture change of TCHM

- Motivation, education, education in TCHM


Why you should not miss this course


Because participants of this incredible and unique program will learn how to:-


- Comprehend and Apply Good TCHM Practice & Process

- Develop methods for TCHM Performance Assessment / Measurement

- Improve and innovate TCHM Practice & Evaluation

- Review TCHM Strategies, Plans & Implementation

- Explore Performance Based TCHM Contracts & SLA (Service Level Agreement)

- Apply Lessons Learnt from Practical Examples of TCHM

- Compile & Apply Effective & Realistic TCHM Checklists

- Integrate TCHM Checklists into business plans, procedures and operations


Intended audience


- Newcomers to Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM)

- THM Office Administration and Professionals

- THM Facility Managers and Engineers

- THM Chief Executives, Financial, Operation, Information Officers

- THM Risk, Compliance, Legal, Security, Financial Officers

- THM Auditors, Accountants, Contract, Purchasing Personnel

- THM IT, Operational, Marketing, Sales personnel

- THM Consultants, Project, Planning, Cost Engineers & Managers

- Any industry professionals that impact on, or are impacted by THM


Key benefits of participation


- Master essential skills to apply and manage complex TCHM activities

- Develop and enhance your ability to develop professionally

- Increase your job satisfaction and progress toward advancement

- Receive increased recognition by your management

- Improve your performance and reap your reward

- Attain greater confidence in handling TCHM scenarios

- Achieve better outcomes in business operations

- See improvements in the performance of staff and contractors

- Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of business operations

- Better trained and more competent personnel to handle TCHM

- Continuous improvement in efficiency, quality and productivity

- Continuous improvement in customer service and satisfaction


Outline of training course topics


- Introduction to the Tourism Industry

- Introduction to Hospitality and Hotel Management

- Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

- Hospitality and Event Operations and Management

- Hotel and Event Revenue Administration

- Cash Flow and Profitability

- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

- Return On Investment (ROI)

- Analysis of Hospitality Businesses

- Travel Agency Business and Prime Movers

- Innovation and New Product Development

- Tourism and Hospitality Consultancy

- Market Research in Tourism and Hospitality

- Tourism Policy and Development

- Professional Business Ethics

- Operations Research and Logistics

- Internet, Technology and Media

- Human Resources Management

- Intercultural issues in the Hospitality Industry

- Food Hygiene, Health & Safety

- Security Management

- Sales and Marketing Management

- Cost-effective Procurement Management

- Professional Development and Continuing Education

- Consumer Behaviour and Psychology

- Hotel Management, Regulations and Compliance

- Tourism Regulations and Compliance

- Critical and future issues in Tourism

- Critical and future issues in Event Management

- Critical and future issues in Hotel Management

- Business Process Planning, Improvement and Reengineering

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Complaints Management






Delegates who are interested may take a test at the end of this training course and pass, may be qualified as a Certified Hotel & Tourism Advisor (Cert.HTA).


Accreditation and Formal Recognition of Our Training Courses can be viewed on the article picture.


For more information about our Accreditation and Credentials visit our web page:   

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