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Newsfeed: Everything comes to an end, says Marco Giannone from InMalta

Published Bernice on Saturday, August 27, 2022 12:00 AM

Newsfeed Everything comes to an end Marco Giannone InMalta

"Everything comes to an end". This is what Marco Giannone, Owner and Director of InMalta had to say in a recent social media post where he spoke of a very successful summer for his organisation. In fact, he described this as "possibly the best summer yet" since InMalta started 12 years ago.

For those of us who are in the industry of Education Travel, we know how special this is. We know how people come to our schools and our agencies to find out more about studying abroad, but in turn, they get the experience of a lifetime. This is exactly what Mr Giannone said when he described what this summer has been like for all the students who have chosen to study English in Malta with InMalta. 

"We've witnessed new friendships and new innocent loves between kids of different nationalities being born. We spoke about our Malta - the Malta that not everybody knows about", he added. Of course, in order to stay on top of teenage groups is no joke...and it also comes with its challenges. Mr Giannone described this feeling perfectly when he said that "at the beginning of summer we can't wait for it to be over; at the end of summer we cannot help but feel nostalgic and shed a tear or two."

Hats off InMalta!! Until next year!!

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