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Feature Fridays: Merrick Prep

  Publisher : Lynne   26 August 2022 00:00

You've seen the articles we publish on behalf of Merrick Prep...Here's their Feature Fridays entry!

Can you tell us something about MPS? 

Merrick Prep is a beautiful small day and boarding school (offering Grade 9-12, ESL and UQY=PG)  in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada – just outside of the capital Ottawa. In a safe and caring community, our students prepare to enter top universities in Canada and around the world. But it goes beyond academic preparation, we help our students to connect with the world and become culturally prepared as well. Diversity is important to us and we create an inclusive supportive environment to call home. Since 2012 we have welcomed students from over 40 countries on campus, have graduated 127 students with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma who received a university scholarship offer of $833,000. 

What agents are you looking to work with?

Huge diversity, no dominant market from all over the world. Students who love a small community (boarding = 60, day =20, synchronous love online =30), who want to be part of the Merrick Prep family, who want to prepare for university and love a multicultural environment.

Mention your 3 top unique selling points.

- Huge diversity

- Successful academic preparation for university

- Caring & inclusive small community

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