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4 Tips to Use the Schools & Agents Website Better: Making use of News Articles and the Industry Newsletter

Published Lynne on Monday, January 31, 2022 12:00 AM

How to make use of News Articles and the Industry Newsletter

News and content play a very important role in the Schools & Agents website. They are ways in which we keep in touch with our followers and keep them updated with what is going on in the industry. In fact, our partner associations share their press releases and news updates with us so we can disseminate them across our various channels. 

In this article, we are going to focus on how our members can benefit from becoming more acquainted with how we disseminate news. In order to do so, we will focus on 4 areas:

1) Article Frequency

2) Kinds of Articles

3) Social Media Channels

4) Newsletter Subscriptions

Article Frequency

On our website we post articles on a daily basis....sometimes more than once a day. Our news section is found bang in the centre of the homepage and that is where you will find our hottest piece of news. Once newer content is published, our news article will still continue to be available on our website. In fact, if you go to the News section of our website, under the heading "Articles", you will find pages upon pages of valuable content.

Kinds of Articles

In our News section we publish different types of articles. Let's start with our very own S&A ones. Every Monday we publish tips on how to use the Schools & Agents website better; and on Tuesday we publish our "How to" article which generally focuses on a particular aspect of Digital Marketing. In some of our previous posts we focused on How to Create a Social Media Strategy for your Business, on How to Get your Business ready for 2022...and many other topics. Check out our News Section and use the Search Bar at the top, right hand side in order to find articles on topics which interest you.

Social Media Channels

Once our articles are published on our site, they are immediately also shared on our social media. This means that if you do not check our website all the time (even though we think you should!! :) ), you can still be notified that we have just shared an article on any social media platform of your choice - be it our Facebook Page or Group, our Instagram, our stories, and even on our LinkedIn profiles, page or group. In other words, you certainly cannot miss the content that we publish! Did you know that we have over 25,000 followers on our social media channels alone?!

Subscribe to our Newsletter

And if, by any chance, you do not follow our social media channels, you can still subscribe to our newsletter, and once a month, all the new articles we would have published, will be sent straight to your inbox via our digital newsletter. Join our ever growing list of subscibers but sending us your email address. You can find our subscription section at the very bottom on our page.

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