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Nationality mix at Berlitz Language Centre Malta

Published on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Nationality mix Berlitz Malta


For the last couple of years, Berlitz Malta has been working actively on increasing diversity among their students.

Berlitz Malta has always been strong in the Russian Market, with almost 50% of its students coming from Russia. The school started taking steps to ensure a more balanced and diverse mix of nationalities and cultures. Thanks to the continuous efforts of long term partners and together with new agents, Berlitz Malta has seen a positive increase in the diversification of nationalities during 2019.

Why do we believe that the nationality mix at Berlitz Malta is so important?
Learning in an international and diverse environment gives the students the feel of real-life/work situations. Experiencing different cultures and accents in a classroom environment improves student’s social skills, but more important motivates them to learn and speak English quicker.



Nationality mix at Berlitz Malta (as per 2019)
French 30%
Italian 22%
Russian 18%
German 7%
Polish 7%
Hungarian 3%
Spanish 3%
Colombian 2%
Deutsch 2%
Ukrainian 2%
4% of other nationalities including Austrian, Brazilian, Czech, Japanese and others.

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