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New Horizons Australia Presents: Innovative students tackle the nerves and present their products

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, May 17, 2019

NH Australia Students Innovation

Over the course of the term, our Brisbane students, who are currently studying Diploma of Information Technology, have been working on a project to develop a series of technology services a company may want to take to market. Essentially, they were to create a pseudo business plan. 

Last week was crunch week. The students were to finalise their plans, to prepare then present their service concepts.  Not only was their work being examined, the students were also being tested on their presentation skills and how they delivered the idea of their technological services.

The students were tasked in demonstrating their business plan by addressing the following criteria:

- Introducing their new service concept

- The rationale thinking behind the service they chose

- The target market that the service would be relevant to

- A series of factors that need to be considered in order to develop the product

The factors that needed to be addressed in measuring the opportunity of the service product included:

- The service suitability for the business

- The commercial potential of the service

- The feasibility of the service or services

- The resources that would be required to begin operations

- Any social, ethical or environmental aspects and sustainability issues

- Practical and operational circumstances which would need to be considered by the business

We were given front row seats to the presentations and had the opportunity to gain an insight of how the students demonstrated their new service creations.

The technological services that were presented by our Brisbane cohort happened to be truly innovative and it must be worth noting that these students have developed their creative minds to produce imaginative inventions which could possibly be brought to life.

Before their presentations, our students were confronted with stage fright but managed to beat the speech nerves as they were excited to present their innovations and show the hard work that was put in during the semester.

We were so impressed with the presentations. All students did an amazing job and we were proud of the critical thinking, professionalism, and practical business considerations they are applying to their study experience in Australia.

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