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NESE's Testimonials

Published on Friday, November 3, 2017

NESE is pleased to share feedback from a few of the many students the school has welcomed over more than 27 years. Students choose NESE for a number of reasons including academic reputation, beautiful location and competitive fee structure but our students are united by their regard for NESE and their satisfaction with their courses. Our students leave the school feeling part of a greater community and this feeling inspires them to recommend our programs to friends and family and even to return themselves. NESE's Facebook page serve as a testimonial in itself and we also invite all prospective students to visit it at:


Student: Karem Ivette Lore Kesie

Country: Colombia

Profession: Lawyer

Testimonial: “To my teachers and friends from NESE:

Today, I want to say I am very pleased and thankful for helping me to improve my Eng- lish. It was an important goal that I wanted to reach and today is a dream become true.


Having studied English at NESE was one of the best professional, academic and personal experiences that I have ever had. It gave me the opportunity to share time, knowledge and experience with very good teachers and friends who became part of my life and got a special place in my heart. I can say that the best of this experience is having had the best teachers.


I wish all of you the best for your lives and God bless you. It has been a pleasure to be your student.”



Student: Elysangela Zorzo

Country: Brazil

Profession: Corporate Attorney

Testimonial: It’s hard to define and simplify what my experience in Boston was. Today I can affirm that it was the most advantageous and rewarding experience of my life.


When I decided to leave my country for 8 months to go to USA, all that I wanted was acquiring fluency in English, but I’ve gotten much more than that. NESE’s propitious environment led me to share cultural experiences with students from countries all around the world and comprehend not only the English language, but also American’s Idioms and Culture.


Back in my Country, I keep in touch with my Nese’s teachers, friends from different countries, and my Host family, whose members also played a fundamental and special role in my life in America.


Lastly, I have to say that I will always keep excellent memories from Boston and Nese!



Student: Ece Gundogan

Country: Turkey

Profession: Civil Engineering Student

Testimonial: “The teachers and administration are so nice and patient. There is no reason to feel nervous at NESE because they are warm and welcoming.”




Student: Alex Sandro Dos Santos Bastos

Country: Brazil

Profession: IT Professional

Testimonial: “NESE provides the best combination in an efficient education system: dedicated teachers who have excellent knowledge and an administrative team whose main goal is to help you.”


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