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Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

After a morning, and part of the afternoon, full of seminars and interesting discussions, the conference continued with a lively and very informative 45 minutes.

Pecha-Kucha: IH representatives had one minute and one slide each to showcase to the audience the highlights of their school and destination. A fun and energetic way of sharing
information – watch out for the buzzer! Live videos have been posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so feel free to ''join'' us in some of this fun experience in Sofia!

After a coffee break, the schools had time to set up for the roaming meetings and right now they are just starting. Expect, traditional food, costumes and drinks, as well as lots of networking and freebies. When all this is done, all of us will head to Sense Rooftop Bar where we will relax, network, eat and drink. We will keep you posted with pictures and live updates.

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