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Marketing Monday: Tips For Great Landing Pages (Part 2)

Published Lynne on Monday, May 29, 2023 2:00 PM

Marketing Monday: Tips For Great Landing Pages (Part 2)

This Marketing Monday we’re sharing Part 2 of our guide to creating a great landing page for your business. Keep reading to find out more about how your landing page can be made to help increase traffic to your website – and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Part 1 here!

Build Separate Landing Pages for Active Promotions

One crucial element is that any content a user clicks on, be it on your socials or in promotional emails, must match the headline and content of your landing page. This is called ‘message match’, and is a key part of creating a great user experience. Since most B2C companies distribute large amounts of content across many different channels, simply sending users to your homepage won’t allow that message to match up properly. For example, if you email out a newsletter promoting discounts on a particular course your school is offering, the user will click on your CTA button to read more about that specific promotion. However, if instead of that promotion page they are simply directed to your site’s homepage, they will probably get frustrated or confused and give up altogether, which will lose you customers. So, to tackle an issue like this, any promotions you run should always direct clients to a dedicated landing page, where the headline and content match your advert.

Use Images Carefully

Visuals on your landing page are essential, especially since users are generally attracted to images before text. But make sure that your images always help boost conversions, not distract your visitors. Not only do images need to be original and eye-catching, but also carefully positioned to inspire the reader to take action. Keep this in mind especially if you plan to use images of people. Humans are wired to look where other humans are looking, so it’s key to ensure that any pictures of people on your landing page show the person/people positioned facing towards your call to action button, so as to direct the user’s eye to where you want them to look.

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