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Why did students choose Link School of English?

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Link School offers a vast choice of courses available for all ages. The prices suit all students’ budget and also offers FREE weeks!

- No hidden fees:When students enrol for a course at Link School there are no registration fees. Everything is included in the price of the course, including level testing on arrival, teaching material and end of course certificate.

- Great location:Link School is located in Swieqi a quiet residential area ideal for educational purposes and close to St. Julian’s.

- Excellent facilities:All Classrooms are spacious, bright and fully equipped with audio-visual equipment. Wifi is FREE throughout the school.

- Link school also offers accommodation in beautiful Villas located in High Ridge within walking distance from our School as well as supermarkets, restaurants, professional gym, sports centre, cinema, bowling alley, sandy beach.

Here are some comments from our students!

Melissa - “I live in the south of Brazil. What I like most about Link school is that I'm the only Brazilian student in this school so I can really practice English all the time with my classmates. What I like most about Malta are the paradisiacal beaches that exist here ... I love Malta. I am studying English because it is important for my professional career.”

Carmen- “What I like most about LINK is being able to meet people from different countries, build new friendships, share experiences and culture. Malta is a jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean and what I like most are the beaches, they are only 5-10 minutes away! Studying here is great.

Yousuf- “I prefer studying in this school because there are excellent teachers and highly efficient and affordable prices. I would recommend it through my experience here. What did I like here in Malta? In fact, Malta is a beautiful city with many places that you will love to visit and there are many locals and people who speak English and this is useful for the student. Why do I learn English? I want to learn the English language because it is the language of the world and many foreign cities speak English, since I want to learn this language, because I love it and I want to visit many countries, the language is very useful to me.”

Anna and Pavel – “Link School is near our villa. It is very convenient and quick for us to get to the Link school. We have a very good teacher, he is cheerful and explains everything very well. Thank you!”

Yutaro and Kana – “I wanted to have a connection with foreign countries and thought about going abroad. Compared to studying abroad in other countries, Malta has the most international culture. At Link School we can make a variety of relationships.”

Mona- “Hello everyone, I am Mona from China. I chose Malta to enjoy the scenery and the slow pace of life. Link is a senior language school here, the teachers are very nice and the price is very reasonable. I have been studying here for almost a year. My English has made great progress. Don't hesitate to come to study friends, come on!”

Barbara and Magda- “Travelling is pleasant and broadens horizons. To this end, it is necessary to know foreign languages. We learn foreign languages abroad the best and the fastest. Malta and the Link School of English located here are ideal for this. The openness and friendly attitude of the Maltese means that the stay on this wonderful island is always successful. We recommend!”

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