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Intrinsiq Reel: Mark Milford discusses Dashboards

Published Bernice on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 6:54 AM

Intrinsiq Reel: Mark Milford discusses Dashboards

It’s ‘Dashboards’ month at Intrinsiq. Today we’re pleased to share with you this reel where Intrinsiq Owner and Founder Mark Milford speaks of why Dashboards are one of his favourite features of the Intrinsiq School Management System.

“The key is to give you the data that you need”

Intrinsiq, as a comprehensive school management system, provides its clients with an array of data-driven insights and support to enhance various facets of the student experience. With regard to accommodation, Intrinsiq provides detailed information on student housing arrangements, facilitating efficient room allocation, roommate and host-family matching, and occupancy management. In terms of studies, the system offers real-time academic performance tracking, course progress monitoring, and personalised learning recommendations, empowering educators and students alike to make informed decisions about their educational journey. Moreover, Intrinsiq offers a holistic view of the student journey, encompassing attendance records, extracurricular involvement, and overall engagement metrics, enabling institutions to cultivate a nurturing and conducive learning environment. Through its comprehensive data analytics, Intrinsiq empowers educational institutions to optimise operations, nurture student success, and create a seamless and enriching educational experience.

The information you need is available at the click of a button

Intrinsiq seamlessly equips educational institutions with vital information at the mere click of a button, eliminating the need for laborious searches that consume valuable time. With its intuitive interface, schools can effortlessly access essential data, sparing them the frustration of rummaging through extensive records. Whether it's student records, academic performance metrics, or logistical details, Intrinsiq ensures that pertinent information is readily available, empowering administrators and educators to swiftly address inquiries, make informed decisions, and streamline their operational processes. This efficient accessibility not only enhances productivity but also allows schools to focus more on enriching the student experience and fostering an environment of educational excellence.

Check out the video here 

“We offer you the data that you need to see in real time on your home screen”

The fun thing about the Intrinsiq Dashboards is that they provide schools with the information that THEY need to see. No school is exactly the same, and while it’s true that in the majority of the cases schools might need to extract similar information from the system, the dashboards and everything else within Intrinsiq, is customisable so schools can literally choose to see whatever it is they wish and need to see on their dashboards.

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