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How Intrinsiq Works - Attendance Monitoring Dashboard and Issuing Warning Letters with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 11:44 AM

How Intrinsiq Works - Attendance Monitoring Dashboard and Issuing Warning Letters with Intrinsiq

Maintaining consistent attendance is crucial for student success and academic performance. To support educational institutions in monitoring and managing student attendance effectively, Intrinsiq introduces its Attendance Monitoring Dashboard and Warning Letter issuance system. This comprehensive tool not only provides real-time attendance insights but also streamlines the process of issuing warning letters to students with irregular attendance patterns. By customising warning letter rules based on each institution's unique requirements, Intrinsiq ensures a personalised approach to improving student attendance and engagement.

In today’s ‘How it Works’ article, we are going to look at how Intrinsiq handles its attendance monitoring dashboard and how it streamlines issuing warning letters.

Attendance Monitoring Dashboard

The Attendance Monitoring Dashboard is one of the key features of Intrinsiq's solution, offering real-time information to educational institutions regarding student attendance. The dashboard is designed with an intuitive user interface, providing quick access to essential attendance metrics and analytics. Administrators and educators can gain insights into attendance percentages for individual students, classes, or year groups. This data helps identify attendance trends and patterns that may require intervention.

Clicking on each section within the dashboard will load a detailed list of students falling under that category, making it easy to focus on specific groups of concern. For instance, clicking on a particular year group will display a list of students within that year, categorised by their attendance percentages. This feature allows administrators to quickly pinpoint and address attendance issues for targeted interventions.

Warning Letters

Intrinsiq's Warning Letter issuance system is a powerful tool that enables institutions to take proactive measures when addressing attendance-related concerns. By configuring specific rules for each warning letter alert, educational institutions can tailor the intervention process according to their unique policies and guidelines. Typically, warning letter rules are based on a student's attendance percentage and their previous warning letter history.

When a student's attendance percentage falls below the predefined threshold, and they have not received the specified warning letter, they will appear under the relevant alert for issuing the warning letter. For example, if a student's attendance percentage drops again and they have already been sent Warning Letter 1, they will be listed under the Warning Letter 2 alert.

A step-by-step process

Step 1 - Go to Student Profile: To initiate the warning letter process, administrators or educators can access a student's profile within the system.

Step 2 - Click on Academics Button: Within the student profile, users can click on the "Academics" button to access attendance-related information.

Step 3 - Choose Relevant Warning Letter and Click: Based on the attendance data and predefined rules, the system will suggest the appropriate warning letter for the student. Users can then click on the relevant warning letter option.

Step 4 - Load Relevant Student Data and Instructions: Once the warning letter is selected, the system will generate an email containing all relevant student data, including attendance information and the warning letter instructions.

Step 5 - Hit Send: After reviewing the generated email and making any necessary adjustments, the administrator or educator can send the warning letter to the student or their designated guardians.

Step 6 - Student Warnings Tab: Following the issuance of the warning letter, a "Student Warnings" tab will be added to the student's profile. This tab serves as a repository of all warning letters sent to the student for future reference.

Let’s set up a call and start talking today!

Intrinsiq's Attendance Monitoring Dashboard and Warning Letter issuance system offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for educational institutions to address attendance-related concerns proactively. With real-time attendance insights and customisable warning letter rules, institutions can tailor their interventions to suit the unique needs and policies of each student population. By promoting consistent attendance and engagement, Intrinsiq supports students in their academic journey and facilitates a conducive learning environment for all. Drop us a line on [email protected] to set up a call with us and start benefiting from this feature today!

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