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RMIT English Worldwide Case Study - Intrinsiq

Published on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Intrinsiq Case Study RMIT English Worldwide

RMIT English is based in Melbourne Australia and they support education needs nationally and internationally through their English language and tailored training solutions. RMIT English Worldwide has over 50 years’ experience in writing English materials and delivering tailored training and testing solutions. In today’s article we are going to focus on RMIT English Worldwide’s experience with using Intrinsiq and we are going to walk you step by step through the process that led to a very happy client with a very efficient software solution.

Early Days and Initial meeting

Intrinsiq and RMIT English Worldwide initially met at English Australia’s Annual Conference in September 2015. Intrinsiq was given the opportunity to demonstrate examples of the software solutions to one of the key team members of RMIT English Worldwide. Following this initial meeting, Intrinsiq had several phone meetings with the RMIT English Worldwide team to discuss and demonstrate how the functionality could be adapted to their needs. In mid April 2016 two Intrinsiq directors met onsite at the client's offices to discuss final details of their requirements and meet with the key personnel.

Key reasons for change

The main reasons which led to RMIT wanting a change were the following:

1. Lack of Cloud Access: the existing solution was a remotely hosted solution but only accessible on Windows PCs. In order to enable staff to work flexibly in a BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) context, including using tablets, a truly cloud hosted product was needed.

2. Attendance Tracking: the existing package could not generate accurate attendance calculations. The client has an unusual arrangement of different length lessons throughout the week to allow for non-teaching days every 5 weeks. Intrinsiq provided a bespoke attendance logging system that understands the complexity of their timetabling and enables instant calculation of the students' actual attendance. By tracking incomplete class rolls, administration staff are able to monitor teacher's class roll completion and ensure that all students have up to date attendance calculations.

3. Lack of a Flexible API (application programming interface): the client was producing spreadsheets manually, to then send to their external systems, as well as manually retyping data. Intrinsiq provided a customer API to integrate with three of their external systems to eliminate retyping.

4. Academic Reporting: the client manually managed all Academic Reports due to the limitations of their existing software. Intrinsiq provided a bespoke module to support this functionality to save teacher and administration time.

Speaking of why they chose to switch to Intrinsiq, Dion McDonald from RMIT English Worldwide stated that, “Intrinsiq’s knowledge of ELICOS and understanding of cloud platforms gave us confidence to consider them a viable solution. After completing a business case and supplier review, Intrinsiq were the clear leaders in the field.”

Moving on to the Build Process

Intrinsiq worked with the client and agreed to a deadline of 1st November as the latest launch date possible. The build was designed with 10 deliverables. When Intrinsiq achieved each milestone the customer was supplied with a System Guide showing how to use the functionality of each aspect of the system. The build was completed in approximately 60% of the original time estimate, due to good planning and rapid feedback from the client. This enabled the launch to scheduled three weeks earlier than the original planned date, as well as further UAT testing to be completed by the client ahead of time.

Finally, the Launch!

The launch was timed during an intake period for the client. On the Friday after hours the existing provider's database was sent to Intrinsiq. Intrinsiq’s 24 hour staff imported the data on the Friday night and during the day Saturday. A senior developer from Intrinsiq was onsite during Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to ensure that all the final data checks were made and that any questions or last minute tweaks required by the team could be implemented.


Since the launch, Intrinsiq has provided 24 hour support, including making minor amendments that were requested post launch. The RMIT English Worldwide team are able to work more efficiently and deal with the ever changing ELICOS environment with greater confidence. Discussions for further developments including bringing in other areas of RMIT’s overall business and providing mobile access for Teachers & Students are ongoing.

Speaking about this whole process, Dion McDonald couldn’t be happier about how his institution was treated by the whole of the Intrinsiq team. He happily claimed, ““Intrinsiq have shown they can deliver a quality solution within tight timescales.” Speaking about the future, Mr. McDonald was just as positive. “My team continue to enjoy working with Intrinsiq who have shown since launch they are committed to a good long term relationship”, he said.

How can you also turn your frown into a smile?

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