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Interviewing Infospeed

Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In today's interview we speak to Yasmin Hahn, International Sales and Marketing Officer at Infospeed....and our lovely friend :) The aim of this interview is to help more people in the education travel industry understand what their software does and how it can help education providers go through their daily lives at work with more ease!


S&A: Most of us in the Education Travel Industry have heard of the software Class Systems. What is it exactly and how did you come up with the concept?

Y: Infospeed are the creators of Class, which has been used for over 30 years by mainly language schools (but also colleges and universities) in order to manage the entire administrative process of a student’s stay at a school. From the moment an enquiry or booking is made, right up until they leave the school.

S&A: How does it work?

Y: Class is module based, so you only pay for what you need. The only compulsory module is Core, which allows schools to manage their students, bookings, agents, teachers, accommodations and groups, and they can also create price lists, class their students, create a whole host of documents and run a huge variety of reports. If you need the accounting portion, you’d add the Ledger module whereby you can allocate student/agent payments in Class. If you need to track and report on attendance and absence, then you’d need to the Academic module, and so on. There are many financial, academic and accommodation modules to suit a school’s needs.
From a techy point of view, our current product ‘Class Cloud’ is fully cloud-based and accessible from anywhere provided there is an internet connection. ‘Class Cloud’ is hosted by us at Infospeed, and includes the annual subscription, support, back-ups, server hosting, server software, anti-virus and upgrades to the most current version of the product.

S&A: Is it both for Schools AND for Agents?

Y: Class was designed specifically with the needs of language schools in mind and we are proud to own that market. We continually develop Class in order to meet our customers’ requirements and that is where our focus remains.
As a result, our development doesn’t incorporate an agent side, but there are many excellent companies in the industry that provide for agents very well so we leave it to those experts!

S&A: Many of us shudder at the thought of a complex software system. How user-friendly is Class?

Y: Class is incredibly user-friendly and with the help our training and support team, we make sure that our customers are given the best guidance on how to make the best of Class from the word go. There are generic fields that pertain to all language schools but because we know schools work differently, there are also many areas where you can tailor fields to suits your needs: these are called analysis and user-defined fields, and like everything else in Class, they can be reported on.
Another example: within Class, there are specific headers that allow the relevant users at your school to view ALL of the functionality related to their role, eg. Academic, Accommodation and Accounting. Having this at your disposal means you save that little bit of time during your working day!

S&A: In your opinion, what is it that makes Class so successful?

Y: Class has been the number one language software administration system for 30 years and that is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, the Ledger module within Class was designed specifically to match the needs of language schools and all of their accounting principles – as a result, it is our most popular module. The reporting functionality within Class also garners us many happy customers: you can report on every field within Class using either our fixed reports or our tailorable quick reports. Secondly, the adding and removing of users/modules is very flexible and we also offer our customers the ability to add temporary summers users in order to manage their busy pre-summer bookings.
Finally, we are a great team comprising of Sales, Support, Engineering and Development and everything is done in-house. Nothing is out-sourced and our support team are always at your disposal to help answer any questions that you may have or to provide online or onsite training.

S&A: As Infospeed, do you offer any other services for the Education Travel Industry, and if so, can you tell us something about them?

Y: We have an integration with Flywire, who are an international payment and collections service for overseas student fees. Our interface with Flywire provides full integration between the Class Ledger and Flywire payment system for direct students, which means that many of our customers using both Class and Flywire can benefit from this. We are currently working on a few more integrations with other service providers and we’ll let you know about those in due course!


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