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Interviewing Caroline Esinam Adzogble from IAES

Published on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Today we are pleased to publish an interview with Caroline Esinam Adzogble, a young entrepreneur and a very inspiring woman. We hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as we enjoyed working on it.


How did you start in the Education Travel Industry?

It all begun after my parent company Potter's International College got accredited as a career college in Ghana in the year 2014. After rendering skilled based courses to students and workers, I saw the need for travel and study opportunities where students can get to pursue my courses but in any part of the world because I gained so much exposure, experience and opportunities after my career got me traveling around the world and that was how it all begun.


Can you tell us something about IAES?

IAES is a full time student and agent recruitment agency helping International and Local Institutions explore and recruit specifically from the Africa, Middle East and Asia regions through consultancy services, agent recruitment and appointments, cost effective student recruitment promotions, solutions and events to help boost international student recruitment in various schools.


Your organisation also organises industry events. Can you tell us something about these events – who they are for, who attends, where they are held and when?

IAES Recruitment tours and general fairs are for boarding schools and Higher Education Institutions looking to explore and recruit students and agents from the Africa, Middle East and Asia regions, signing of strategic partnerships with various junior and senior high schools, companies and universities. IAES events are held all year round to take care of the 4 recruitment seasons for various schools.


You are offering special prices to Schools & Agents members. Why should our members attend your events?

First and foremost, Schools & Agents is one wonderful company and I am in love with your business model. It will be a great joy to see your members benefit from IAES services because we are all trying to solve one problem, helping schools boost their enrollments. 


IAES is not your only company – what other markets are you specializing in?

I am into the Education, Technology and Travel space. Currently I can be proud of 5 companies and a foundation to see some well deserving students through school each year.


How do you manage to be so young and yet so successful?

I knew I was meant to be this since I was 15 years old but then my dad didn't allow me until I was done with senior high school and then I turned 19 years old. Let's just say I am a passionate workaholic. I know exactly what I want and I work hard for it. 

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