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Interviewing Richard Affolter - WEBA

Published on Saturday, January 13, 2018

In this interview we've spoken with Richard Affolter, founder of WEBA World, an organisation that runs workshops and education fairs around the world, mainly in Asia. We asked Richard various questions about the types of workshops they organise, who they are for, and where they are held. Here's what he had to tell us...


It’s going to be another busy year for you and the WEBA team! What do you have in store for us?


Yes, it will be another busy year for WEBA this year. Attention, assistance and engagement are essential components when running workshops. On the other hand we cannot ignore technology , to succeed this year we need to strike a balance between the online and offline experience. We run our portal which now includes over 2500 Educators and Agents ( This is a big help for the Educator in order to be in contact with the agents they meet in our workshops 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Offline, we will entry into new countries like Myanmar, with new Workshops. Indonesia is back in our program , plus we will increase our Workshops in China with 5 events in 2018, in Vietnam we will run  3 Workshops this year, and the same will be in Malaysia and Hongkong. Let'say that in 2018 we will focus a lot on Asia.


In fact, just this week we updated all the industry events on the Schools & Agents Events Page, including the WEBA events, and noticed that you have several events planned for Asia. Why Asia?

The Asian market is booming, Vietnam , Taiwan, Thailand , Malaysia, Hongkong deliver a high number of students for High Schools and for Business Schools. In Asia in the last 3 years we created the WEBA Asia Agents Association which now includes over 250 agents and we would like to increase this to 500 by the end of the year.

Here some photos of our last tour in Asia:












We also noticed that this year you have roadshows, also in Asia, specifically for Business Schools and Boarding schools. How come?


Yes, this year we've arranged several Road Shows in Europe, in Euroasia and as well as in Asia. Based on our experience in the last years Educators take a big advantage in attending this type of roadshow as it will help them to meet a higher number of national agents at one go. Last year in Georgia we welcomed from Tbilisi at one go in another city in Georgia. The same has been happening over the last 10 year in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and since 3 years in  different countries in Asia. In our tour in Asia last November we welcomed 104 agents in 5 countries in 7 days.


In one of our articles about WEBA in 2017 we spoke about your new office in China. How is that going?


Excellent, we are assisting Educators with the follow up after the Workshops directly with the agents in China. This office helps us a lot in order to get more recognition in this part of the world. In addition we assist Agents from outside China placing students into Chinese universities.  On top of that, we have also organised the First Student Fairs in Beijing with parents and students.


Apart from Asia, you also have Agent Workshops in Europe, in cities such as London and Geneva. What can schools expect when they attend these events?


We have been running our event in Switzerland since 2004 and in the UK since 2007, and every year we welcome a high number of international agents from all over the world placing students into Language Schools, High Schools, Colleges and B-Schools. The event in Switzerland is our biggest event in Europe and every year we welcome agents from over 25 different nationalities.  The event in London is focused on the UK Market so we select the agents recruiting principally students for the UK.


WEBA also organises quite a number of Agent Workshop and Student Fairs in Eastern Europe. Can you tell us something about these events?


As we started a long time ago in Eastern Europe, specifically in the year 2005, we have, since then, built a very big network of agents which assist WEBA for organising the different student fairs we are running in the fall season.


And finally, how can Schools & Agents members benefit from attending WEBA events?


They will receive a 17% reduction on the price.

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