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Interview with Accent Language School in Guernsey

Published EDU-WorldWide on Sunday, January 13, 2019

In today's interview we are speaking to Anna Lisa Detassis, Director at Accent Language School in Guernsey, UK who has recently joined the Schools & Agents network as a Platinum member. In this article we would like you to get to know this schools better!

S&A: If you had to describe your school in 3 words, what would they be and why? Professional, excellence, fun

Anna: Professional, fun and high-quality

S&A: How long has your school been open for and how has it changed over the years?

Anna:The school was open in 1991, and it was acquired by a new owner (me) on 2014 – it has grown since then in numbers and quality, reaching certification with ABLS and welcoming over 300 students per year an increase of 40% from 2014

S&A: Could you describe your typical student to us and our readers?

Anna: There’s no such thing as a typical student for us.  With our junior (age 11-17) programme, some are joining us for the first time and arrive unsure and a little apprehensive.  Some are joining us for the second, third – or even fourth time!  These students walk straight back into our world and it’s like they  never left. As all students are different, with varying personalities, interests and language levels, we work hard to accommodate everyone and provide each student with the best experience possible.

With our adult programme, students come to Guernsey because it’s close to France and offers high quality language tuition along with beautiful scenery and plenty of discovery of our island’s rich history and beautiful locations, all without the stresses that large cities come with.

S&A: What are your Unique Selling Points?

Anna:Safety, attention to the individual, excellent activities and host families.

Guernsey is a small island and very safe.  It’s a perfect location for parents to entrust their children to.  Whether it’s a junior’s first time or tenth time, parents can trust that their child will be well looked after and kept safe.  Sending a child to us here in Guernsey is less daunting for parents than sending them to a huge city in a large country with millions of people!

We also have more of a community feeling and indeed not only are all of our host families vetted and regularly checked, but they are all known to us well and with many hosts being friends with each other, it’s a good network. 

Guernsey also boasts a rich history and has something for everyone.  From the local legends and myths, to the witch trials and ancient dolmens and monuments to more recent history and the Island’s occupation during World War II.  From the beautiful scene at Moulin Huet, which the French artist Renoir painted, to the fascinating house where Victor Hugo lived during his exile and wrote some of his most famous books.

And if all these things aren’t enough, we can also arrange trips to our sister Islands, Herm & Sark.  Herm being an idyllic escape and Sark being like a step back in time.  Both very unique and both very special!

S&A: Which are your main markets, and which markets are you seeking to develop?

Anna:Our main market is France but we are looking to increase students from Western and Eastern Europe

S&A: Why do students come to you?

Anna: We are a unique destination, small and safe, and where not many other nationalities then French are

Parents want good quality language tuition but they also want the guarantee that their child is safe, well looked after and not a million miles from home.  Being able to see France from our East Coast on clear days, we certainly fit the bill!  We are committed to providing good service but also caring service where each student is an individual and must be looked after as such.  We also offer all the best we can in terms of activities and offer a mixture of cultural discoveries and fun filled and sporty activities.

Adult students like to relax when they come here to learn and what can be better than a cliff walk and high quality meal in one of our many restaurants after a morning of learning?

S&A: Why should our agents work with you?

Anna:We are reliable and offer high quality stay and experiences, we are flexible and accountable

S&A: Where do you see your school in 10 years’ time?

Anna:We see us growing the number of nationalities visiting our school although we can’t have more than 80 students per week, we can see us increasing the share of adults stay and school groups visits.

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