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How-To Tuesday - How to Get Real on Reels

Published Lynne on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 10:00 AM

How-To Tuesday - How to Get Real on Reels

We’ve skimmed over this bit in our earlier articles, on how important it is nowadays to get real with your customers and followers. Giving current clients and potential ones an insider view, will show them you are not just another company, but one that is made up of a real team... real human beings! This is part of humanizing your brand and it helps increase brand loyalty.

Today we’re going to look into how you can invest in customer loyalty within the International Education Industry by using Instagram Reels. 

Here are a few tips:

Go Behind the Scenes

As we’ve stated in other posts, customers want to get to know the real you, the no-frills version. So why not give them a look at how you operate behind the scenes? Remember to not stage these video clips. Take shots of your office staff going about their day as this gives viewers a better idea of the process you use and all the hard work you put in, leading to more connection with your business.

Get Your Staff to Jump on Trends

Making Reels can be fun, and what better way to connect with all viewers out there than by getting some of your staff members to jump on one of the trending Reels on Instagram or Tik Tok? This not only shows that your company keeps abreast with what is going on around you, but it starts giving them a glimpse of who the people behind the brand are. Why not go a step further? Encourage your followers to participate, to create their own responses to your trending reel; adding more ways to engage with your customers is important.

Break Down Your Process

Those prim and proper, artistic reels are great to showcase your brand, so make sure you use all the tools Instagram has to offer. But while getting that reel going, film the whole process, and show your followers the hard work you put into your content (and maybe a couple of bloopers too!). 

Staff Take Over

Get your staff members to take over the account as it does not get any more real than this. Simple introductions can be a good start. You can also consider going round the office or the school to introduce colleagues. This shows your followers the reality of what it's like running your business, while also giving them a more personal approach. The more human your brand looks the more success it has.

Pro Tip:

If you are a school, get some of your students to jump on some reels for you. Even better if they do it from their account and tag you. Testimonials in any form are the best form of advertising.

Getting real with your followers might be the tipping point that gets them to choose your business, so go ahead and give them an insider look into what is at the core of your brand and business.

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