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How-To Tuesday - How To Sell Better in the International Education Industry

Published Lynne on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 7:30 AM

How-To Tuesday - How To Sell Better in the International Education Industry

Like any other process within a business the sales process is ever evolving, especially in the aftermath of Covid19. When it comes to selling in the international education industry some strategies and approaches may still work for you. However, we are firm believers in adapting to the current situation. If you are thinking of changing it up here’s how you can approach sales differently.

Highlight the Problem not the Solution

This approach is particularly important when it comes to demos. Instead of highlighting each and every function that your service or product has, focus on highlighting all the problems that you can solve. Instead of showing them how it works, focus on what problems your clients had in the past and assure them how you can meet their needs and solve their problems.

The Multi-Touch Approach

Sales at first contact are very rare - in reality it is a multi-touch approach and it spans across different platforms. Reaching out to new customers through different channels is acceptable as long as it’s then followed up with emails, video calls and even reaching out on social media in order to nurture your relationship.

Using CRMs

In reality sales people only have a short period of time during work hours that they can focus on the actual sales. The rest of the time is spent on meetings, setting out processes, prospecting and training. So why not make use of CRMs? They not only help keep track of when you reached out to your leads last, but you can set reminders and reach out to leads directly through the CRM via emails or calls. Get organized and make the most of the time you have set aside for sales.

Find your Niche

When thinking of niche markets you may think it means small return, however studies have shown that when you are targeting everyone, your message may be lost in translation and get you nowhere. Focusing on niche markets allows you to take a more personal approach by focusing on the specific needs of that market and addressing them. That personal touch is what is swaying customers as it assures them of a more lasting relationship even after the sale is done.


While this approach is not suitable for all businesses it does have its advantages especially in a scaled membership type of sale. Offering your leads a freeby can give them a hint of what they can expect should they proceed with a full sale. Not only that, but it also increases your visibility, awareness and opportunities. 

The sales landscape changes and adapts over time, and it is up to you to keep up with these changes and tackle them. But that on its own is not enough. A good sales culture should be top priority as it helps you recruit great reps, promote healthy competition and collaboration, and drive results.

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