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How Intrinsiq Works - Holiday Entries

  Publisher : Bernice   14 September 2022 08:30

One of the most complex areas for schools to deal with, especially when they have long-stay students, is student holidays. Sometimes schools take notes on paper, or save it in calendars, but when you are saving information in other places, i.e. not on the system itself, the likelihood is that information will get lost. Intrinsiq allows schools to store all kinds of student information, including holiday entries, within the system itself, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting! 

So how does it work?

You can enter holiday records in five easy steps:

Step 1: Open student Record

Step 2: Click the Holiday tab in the bottom

Step 3: Click Add Entry

Step 4: Fill in Dates and Notes if Necessary

Step 5: Click Save (course end date is automatically extended to reflect dates)

The system removes and adds the student automatically

One of the main benefits of such a system is that it automatically removes a student from the class roll for the duration of his or her holiday. This means that when your teachers are planning their classes, they don’t have to remember that a particular student won’t be there. Once the student’s holiday is over, he/she will once again reappear on the class list and in the planning.

This system is extremely helpful for VISA purposes

The fact that Intrinsiq does everything automatically at the click of a button comes in extremely handy in calculating course end-date and stay-end date for visa purposes if necessary.

Classes and Accommodation work in the same way

When it comes to planning student holidays, classes and accommodation work in exactly the same way - the student disappears from the accommodation list (hence freeing up that accommodation option) for the duration of his/her holiday, and reappears again once the holiday is over.

What happens when long courses overlap school holiday periods?

Sometimes it could be that a student books a long stay and the course overlaps with school closing periods, for example Christmas. In this case, this info can be added into the system once the course is booked, and the system itself will add the additional weeks (lost due to school holidays) at the end of the student’s stay.

Drop us a line on [email protected] if you’d like to find out more about how our holiday function works.

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