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Fun Spanish classes at the beach with Hispania, escuela de espaƱol

Published EDU-WorldWide on Saturday, September 29, 2018

At Hispania, escuela de español there are several events and dates of reference during the year that we look especially forward to. Our teachers prepare with great enthusiasm experiential classes, our ‘yinkanas’, for these occasions. During the summer months, one of the most popular ‘yinkanas’ at Hispania, escuela de español has always been the Spanish class at the beach.

Learning Spanish at the beach? Yes, at the happiest Spanish school everything is possible.

The Spanish class at the beach has been part of our Vacation Course (running from June to September) for many years and all Hispania students from all different groups and levels are welcome to join. During one day, we transfer the classes to Valencia’s Malvarrosa beach, and the boards and chairs transform into sand and Sea.

In this 4-hour class, our students learn grammar and vocabulary related to the summer, and practice Spanish with the locals who spent their day on the beach. It’s a morning full of laughter, games, dancing and songs, and our students put their language skills into practice in a fun way and relaxed atmosphere.

Hispania, escuela de español was created with the idea of making people feel a little bit happier by studying the Spanish language and culture and living a wonderful experience with people from all over the world. Our experiential classes put our ideals into practice.

Although the weather is still beautiful in Valencia and it still feels like summer for most foreign travellers, you will not find many locals at the beach anymore. However, our experiential classes will not hibernate ;) There will be ‘yinkanas’ at the museum, the book fair, the market, and we will celebrate Christmas and the ‘Fallas’ Festival with ‘yinkanas’ outside the classroom.

We believe that it is of utmost importance to show the students that the Spanish language is alive, and to make them feel and experience the Spanish language and culture as a whole.

Experience Spanish with us any time of the year at Hispania, escuela de español J

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