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Our dear students take the official Spanish language exam DELE at Hispania, escuela de espaƱol

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer is a wonderful time at Hispania, escuela de español! During the summer months, you can feel a special energy at our school, enjoy so many experiences and meet new people.

Along with the summer comes the July call of the DELE exam, the official title that certifies the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. This title is issued by the Instituto Cervantes, on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Spain.

After weeks of preparation, our students were ready for this day to come and of course we shared their excitement.

The exam took place on Friday, 13th July, in our new classroom building. It was the first time that the oral and written tests of the DELE exam took place in these beautiful new classrooms and they made a debut in style!

On the photos you can see how beautiful, happy and proud the teachers were, who formed the DELE examination team for this call.

The fact that our school is also an examination center for the DELE exams reflects the educational quality of Hispania, escuela de español, which is an advantage for our students. Being “at home”, they feel more confident and comfortable while passing the exam.

The students, with a mixture of excitement and nerves, were able to show all their knowledge in the Spanish language after months of effort. Our students previously attended our DELE Preparation Course, a specific four to eight-week intensive course, designed to prepare and pass the DELE exam. The learning pace of this course is very fast and intense and the students have worked a lot.

At Hispania, escuela de español we prepare three exam calls every year (May, July and November) and the students can take the exam of any level, from A1 to C2.

Every year our students get excellent results, and we are sure that our students also did great this time!

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