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Growth at ICEF Beijing underlines vital importance of the region

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, October 22, 2018

Robust growth in the numbers of educators, agents, and service providers attending the ICEF Beijing Workshop 2018 has underlined how important this region is to the global education industry. Participant numbers rose by 13% to 446, and the number of one-to-one meetings between those attending went up by 19% to reach 3 899.

The number of educators taking part increased by 11% to 161 in total, with 119 organisations participating from 23 countries across four continents. Sherelyn Hallam, International Business Development Manager at Strategix International College (Australia), said: “ICEF Beijing was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet with top-class agents. The scheduling process was very easy and my schedule filled up quickly.”

David Arrowsmith, Principal at Inlingua Cheltenham (UK), added: “This is the fourth time I have taken part in ICEF Beijing. It’s an excellent event with good quality agents and the chance to enhance existing collaborations, or find new contacts who may be your suppliers in the future.”

In addition to the workshop programme, a professional development seminar was held for Chinese institutions looking to attract international students to China. As a globally-recognised top five destination for international students, China is looking to continue its growth as a top receiving nation. Representatives from 20 Chinese institutions, all interested in increasing their sophistication in international student recruitment, attended the seminar. This seminar covered current global trends in student mobility, the role of education agents in recruitment, and case studies from institutions which are successfully branding themselves internationally.

The number of agents at ICEF Beijing grew to 203 representatives from 149 organisations, with nearly 60% of these agents coming from China. India, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Vietnam were also strongly represented markets, with a further 26% of the agents present coming from these countries. Quoc Viet Vu, Director at VIETEDU International Ltd (Vietnam), said: “This event was a great opportunity for agents from all over the world to find new, high-quality educator partners and well-known schools to collaborate with. I hope to take part in many more events like this in the future.”

Xioameng Lu, Outreach Specialist in the Department of International Affairs at Beijing Prepare Education & Consulting Company (China), confirmed: “This was a well-organised and well-prepared event. This event helps us as agents to make connections with universities and colleges around the world. I am looking forward to taking part in many similar events.”

This year’s workshop was also distinguished by a sharp rise in the number of service providers taking part, with 53% more international service providers getting involved, and total service provider participants rising by 11% to 40 individuals. Service providers included international associations, market researchers, and insurance and accommodation providers.

The ICEF Asia Workshop 2019 will take place in Beijing between October 16 and 18, 2019.

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