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Feature Friday: The IALC Berlin Workshop

Published Bernice on Friday, May 27, 2022 12:00 AM

The IALC Workshop in Berlin - our personal account

The International Education Industry is resilient, hard-working, innovative....and the most fun-loving industry I know. Then again I'm a little bit biased! :) Having said that, this past week has been proof that despite the two years of hell our industry has been through, we are all ready to bounce back. The IALC workshop in Berlin which took place from 23rd to the 25th May, 2022 was testimony to this, and these sentiments were clear in all the seminars we attended, panel discussions and in all the meetings and conversation we had with schools, agents and service providers throughout the past days!

"Give me that hug!"

A common phrase we heard multiple times while in Berlin!! The answer each time? "Well of's been way too long". These phrases are reminders of how business relations turn into friendships over the years...and they are also reminders of how much we'd all missed seeing one another. I have to admit that there were moments in this workshop where I also felt a bit emotional remembering industry partners and friends who are no longer with us and who, in past workshops, would just run up to hug us upon seeing us! But as we always say, this is part of the circle of life, and when you've been in this industry for almost 20 years like we have....this is bound to happen too!

(Showing up for breakfast in workout clothes)

This is the 'new and improved' Schools & Agents team! :) Over the past two years, we both decided to start taking our health and fitness a little bit more from now onwards, you need to look out for the duo in gym gear at the breakfast table...because that's where you'll find us. During the IALC Berlin Workshop it was a pleasure to run into some industry partners at the gym's nice to know we're not the only crazy freaks around :) 

"So tell me...what have you been up to?"

It's true that we all follow social media, we all stayed in touch in one way or other, we've all followed what our industry partners have been doing....but nothing beats having a real conversation over a nice German beer and truly catching up as human beings. This has been another highlight of the IALC Berlin workshop.

"It hasn't been easy, but we are cautiously hopeful about the future"

The big question on everyone's mind, whether at the IALC workshop or even those who could not make it, is..."What's in store for international education?". Whilst we all wish to have the crystal ball which can show us, with certainty, what the future will be like, we all know that this is not possible. Therefore, we need to base our perception on the data that we are all gathering from our various sources, and on good old intuition. When putting these two together in the equation, we can finally all start to be a little bit hopeful that the future is definitely looking brighter than what it was last year.

Thank you IALC!

Thank you IALC for a fantastic event, which not only brought many of us together again after a long absence, but for sending us home with a bigger smile on our face (and no voice for some of us) than what we arrived with. It has truly been amazing seeing everyone and we can't wait to see you all again soon!

Watch out for a Special Discount that we will soon be announcing on our Social Media Platforms to celebrate a successful workshop...and to celebrate seeing all of you :)


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