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The FELTOM Malta Workshop 2020

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, August 9, 2019

The FELTOM Malta Workshop 2020

Every year, FELTOM organises a workshop in Malta during which agents from all around the world will have the opportunity to visit the island, as well as meet and see the schools at which they will eventually be sending their students. During this Q&A session with Rebecca Charlotte we focused on what the FELTOM Malta Workshop is all about, what agents may expect and what the booking process entails. 

FELTOM organises an annual workshop in Malta. How long has FELTOM been organising this event? And what is it all about?

For the last 30 years, the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta (FELTOM) has been working hard to promote Malta as a destination to learn English, by attending various international fairs and maintaining high standards of its Member Schools through the establishment of an Accreditation system. 

In 2009, FELTOM felt that it was the right time to showcase our island and organised an international workshop, where the aim was to entice agents to our shores. During the weeklong event, the agents visited English Language Schools and were given a holistic view of each individual school, they attended networking events and pre-organised meetings with attending schools, sponsors, local official bodies and other professionals within the industry.

The agents enjoyed a variety of sightseeing tours where they had the opportunity to experience the local culture, the beautiful and historical side of our island which dates back 6,500 years, tasted exquisite cuisine and viewed a variety of leisure venues.

We felt that this was the best way for the agents to learn more about the great hospitality that we Maltese are known for.  Following on from this huge success, the workshop turned into an annual event.

How many agents attend the FELTOM workshop and where do they come from?

The aim of the workshop is not to have a large number of agents, but quality ones.  We get various applications every year, but we try and choose approximately 40 agents to attend the annual FELTOM Workshop. 

Our Aim is to create diversity in our workshops and have an international mix in attendance.  This always creates a nice atmosphere within the workshop itself and also open up the possibilities of a extended global awareness about Malta.  In our last workshops we had agents from the following countries; Spain, France, Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Slovakia, Argentina, Latvia, Colombia, Switzerland, Japan, Korea and many more.

What do the agents get to see and experience during the FELTOM Workshop?

The workshop is normally split into two parts:

- Visiting and getting to know the participating schools

- Exploring the Maltese Islands

On a typical day, the agents will go around Malta and visit English Language Schools, and they also have time to meet with attending English Language Schools on a one to one basis via scheduled meetings.  In the FELTOM workshop we also plan great and fun networking events for relax and enjoy.  These events include bowling nights, typical folk music and dancing, and more.

Obviously, such an event is not complete if they don’t get to visit some of the most famous sights on the Maltese Islands.  The agents get to experience first-hand a lot of what Malta has to offer as an ELT Destination. They will go on a variety of culture tours, whether it is exploring the Silent City of Mdina, seeing the beautiful artwork of St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, or walking to the top of the Citadel in Gozo, we like them to experience as much Maltese culture as possible. In addition to this, we also take them to the Malta 5D showing, so they can get a fun and interactive insight into Malta’s rich history.  Obviously one week is not enough, so we merely scrape the surface with the hope that they enjoy the time they spend on our island, and therefore come back again with their students.

How is the FELTOM Workshop different from other industry events?

I believe that the biggest difference is that the agents get to experience the island themselves. This gives better opportunities for the schools to showcase their premises and the agents receive a better understanding of the facilities that they offer. It also gives the agents a chance to fully immerse themselves into the Maltese culture.

All agents are guests of FELTOM and therefore it is paid for by us, accommodation, events and excursions.  All agents need to pay is a minimal registration fee and their own flights.

When is the next FELTOM Workshop?

As mentioned earlier, FELTOM organises a workshop every year.  We are pleased to announce that the next FELTOM ELT Malta Workshop will be held between 20th – 24th April 2020.  We are looking forward to hosting another group of diverse agents from agencies around the world.

How can agents apply to attend?

Agents can apply by clicking on the link: Once on our website, they can either fill out the online application, or download  a copy and send it to

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