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It's the 3rd and Final Day in Mallorca for FEDELE 2017

Published on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's the third and final day of the FEDELE Workshop and the first full day in Mallorca. After making our way to Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, yesterday evening, today we woke up to fantastic blue skies and fully recharged batteries. 


At 9am on the dot we took the bus to go for the morning walking networking meetings which took place at"La Seu" Cathedral of Palma. "Built by the Crown of Aragon on the site of a Moorish-era mosque, the cathedral is 121 metres long, 55 metres wide and its nave is 44 metres tall. By way of comparison, the height of the central nave reaches 33m in Notre Dame de Paris, 38m in Reims, 42m in Notre-Dame d'Amiens and 48m in Saint-Pierre de Beauvais, the highest of all Gothic cathedrals."


As we toured the perimeters of the cathedral we all had to participate in various activities which included role play as well as industry discussions on many interesting points and controversial topics. Having participated in these discussions ourselves we can confirm that they were truly engaging and both schools as well as agencies played an active role in trying to understand how both parties can reach a "win-win situation" (to quote one of the participants in my group).


From one breathtaking spot to the other, it was soon time to hop back onto the bus and start making our way to the Bellver Castle, is a "Gothic style castle on a hill 3 km to the west of the center of Palma. It was built in the 14th century for King James II of Majorca, and is one of the few circular castles in Europe. First serving as the residence of the Kings of Majorca, and afterward long used as a military prison throughout the 18th to mid-20th century, it is now under civilian control, being one of the main tourist attractions of the island, as well as the seat for the city's History Museum."


At the Bellver Castle we had time to explore the place before making our way to our tables for the meetings. These ran into the early evening and we are now back in our rooms getting ready for the final dinner tonight.


Before getting all dolled-up we would like to take this opportunity to truly congratulate the FEDELE team on the organisation of this event! Given all the logistics involved, they have truly done an incredible job!! Ana, Encarna, Marisol, girls truly rock!!

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